Beware, and spread the word...'cause the Horacle is watching you!

Horacle is a Heavy/Speed Metal band influenced by such bands as all the New Wave of British Heavy Metal as well as the early days of Speed/Power Metal bands such as early Helloween, early Blind Guardian, Abattoir, Liege Lord, Agent Steel and many more...
Metal Maniacs, be ready for some Heavy Invasion!


L. SABATHAN : Bass & Backing Vocals
DAVID D.C : Rythm and Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
DYNO "Cousin Itt" : Rythm and Lead Guitar
GREG WAR : Drums


Playing Loud, Electrifying Metal Crowds, Delivering the Goods, Reborn Steel for a new Generation \m/


HORACLE was born in the mind of L.SABATHAN (ex-Enthroned) in the late 90's to finally come true in 2007, when he and DAVID D.C realised they shared the same kind of musical interest, being HEAVY/SPEED METAL. They soon decided to join their efforts together and write material in that vein sometimes around October 2007.
From then, they spent most of their time searching to complete the line-up, auditioning plenty of musicians.
In 2009 Laurent B. joined the band as a singer, and at almost the same time, GREG WAR on the drums and DYNO "Cousin Itt" on the 6 string.

In 2010, all musical material was ready for studio recording and a first show has been played at "Le Coliseum" in Charleroi, sharing the bill together with NIGHTMARE (France) and other Metal bands.
soon after, HORACLE decided to part ways with Laurent B. due to a lack of singing ability. After many researches, TERRY FIRE came to an audition in November 2010, really impressing the band, wich he joined straight on.
so the HORACLE's line-up was finaly complete and it was time for the band to return to the Blackout Multimedia Studio in Bussels in February 2011, to finally layer down the vocals and achieve the first EP, previously started a year before.
The band played their first show in France together with HÜRLEMENT and CYGONIA on April 2011 in Metz (France), receiving an incredible feedback from all Heavy Metal fans, and is now booking new shows and looking forward to KILL all of you METALHEADS!!!
In September 2011, HORACLE as been invited to open for the Canadian Heavy Metal band SKULL FIST and the German Speed Metal band IRON KOBRA, it was the first appearance for HORACLE in Germany and the reviews the band’s got was absolutely outstanding.
The combo have shared a few stages since the release of the EP in 2011, in France, Belgium and Germany, together with bands such as RESISTANCE (F), CRAZY D-NASTY (B), WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT (B)…and more…
In October 2012, HORACLE hit back the Blackout Multimedia Studio in Brussels to record the second Demo/EP, “A Wicked Procession” will be the title of this one. Four brandnew tracks of pure Heavy/Speed Metal the way it must be, a step forward from the first EP. This one will be released in early 2013. In the mean time first HORACLE EP will be released on 12” vinyl, it will be the very first release of the brandnew German label LIBER IVONIS RECORDS which is the label of Katte Cushing guitarist of the German Occult Heavy Metal Leaders ATTIC.

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