Who's playin' eh?

Diamond Head

Lightning to The Ages of Metal.

Brian and Duncan first started writing music together in early 1976 with Brian on cheap fuzz guitar and Duncan on Biscuit tins. Brian had a poster of an album by Phil Manzanera called Diamond Head tha... read more

Manilla Road

Welcome to Necropolis.

It was the 1970′s and Epic Metal was not even a genre of music yet. For that matter the term Heavy Metal did not even refer to music but the French based fantasy magazine Métal Hurlant. The phr... read more

Tygers Of Pan Tang

Get ready to roar with them again!

The band was originally formed by Robb Weir (guitar), Brian Dick (drums), Rocky (real name Richard Laws, bass), and Jess Cox (vocals). Rapidly building a local following from gigging relentlessly, the... read more

After All


Battle at Mandel's Deep.

.. ..ATTACKER: The Lords of Thunder! .. Formed in the summer of 1983, ATTACKER is one of the first Heavy Metal bands to use the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien as a source of inspiration. An awakenin... read more


Yesterday's Heroes are Back!


From the official website: Tytan was a British heavy metal band formed at the height of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal in the autumn of 1981 by the former Angel Witch rhythm section, bassist Kev... read more



Burial at AoM.

Desolation Angels

Brothers and sisters... Believe me we shall ROCK!


Gypsies rolling over AOM.

Spartan Warrior

The Stormer will attack with Steel'n'Chains.

Spartan Warrior were formed in 1980 from the ashes of Wearside Rock Band “Deceiver”. Founding members Gordon Webster (Drums) Tom Spencer (Bass) and Dave Wilkinson (Vocals) were joined by guitarists N... read more


Beware, and spread the word...'cause the Horacle is watching you!

Horacle is a Heavy/Speed Metal band influenced by such bands as all the New Wave of British Heavy Metal as well as the early days of Speed/Power Metal bands such as early Helloween, early Blind Guardi... read more